Relaunch of the tourism industry: two Quebec companies join forces to support hoteliers

QUOI FAIRE (L’Antidote Médias), a well-established company in Quebec City, and KONEK , a revolutionary new hotel technology platform created right here in the capital, are joining forces to offer a brand new advertising solution that is highly profitable for hoteliers during this important period. stimulus.

As we know, the tourism industry and especially the hospitality sector have been hit hard by the pandemic. This new partnership is bringing a second wind to hoteliers by offering them a new source of income, with no investment effort. Indeed, with this new partnership between KONEK and QUOI FAIRE , KONEK hoteliers will receive a royalty on the advertising placements that will be displayed in the interfaces of interactive televisions located in their hotel rooms. “The goal is to give back to hoteliers and help them offer a unique experience to their visitors,” argues the management of Quoi Faire.

KONEK, a revolutionary product designed and adapted to the reality of the market
Konek innovates and offers the very first Smart Hotel as a Service (SHaaS) offer: a technological and interactive subscription platform, specially designed to simplify the life of hoteliers and improve the experience of their customers. “With this association between KONEK and QUOI FAIRE, we are able to offer new points of contact with tourists: from planning the visit, through the lobby to arriving at the hotel room. “, explains Louis Michaud, president of KONEK.

konek technologie

A human approach and understanding of the industry situation
This innovation is the result of a good understanding of market issues by a team that has more than 40 years of experience in the tourism industry, combined with the expertise of the best talents in technology. This novelty therefore makes it possible to offer THE best outreach for the tourism industry offered by an independent multiplatform media.

About Konek
Konek was founded in 2021 with the aim of offering a technological and interactive subscription platform specially designed to simplify the life of hoteliers and improve the experience of their customers. The technology is, to date, installed in more than 2,000 hotel rooms.

About What to do
For more than 30 years, L’Antidote Médias has been a major creator of print and digital media. In addition to the popular QUOI FAIRE platform and its associated printed guide, it notably produces Le Passe-Partout, Antidote +, the Cahier Habitation and much more.