How to seduce Generation Z?

Did you know that young adults and teenagers born between 1995 and 2010 have become the world’s largest age group, accounting for 32% of the world’s population? Gen Z, being a connected and collaborative generation, is currently having a big impact on the hospitality industry, and this will only grow as they age, enter the workforce and have more and more disposable income to spend.

gen z

Adopt the technology

For most of their lives, they have had access to some of the best technological advancements. Therefore, hotels need to integrate technology into the daily structure of a guest’s trip. First, keep in mind that Gen Z values accessibility. They are more likely to turn to companies that have access to the service via an app during and before their stay. Indeed, 88% of Gen Z customers say they want customer experiences to be across both digital and physical channels. For example, placing an order in the room without calling, “streaming” content, etc.

Improve the customer experience

Generation Z places immense importance on experiential moments. They like to live enriching and unique experiences. One way to get the attention of this generation is to provide exemplary service. Being tech-savvy, hotels need to find ways to establish direct communication with them. Efficiency, speed and personality are the keys to a winning relationship with this generation. The more accessible a hotelier is, the more authentic and superb they are in the eyes of Gen Z.

be authentic

Authenticity is also a key value in appealing to Gen Z. Being transparent, taking them seriously, making them feel valued, encouraging their feedback, and listening to their ideas will earn their trust and loyalty.

  • 22% of Gen Z say they would be much more likely to choose a company/brand that provides a personalized experience over others.
  • 26% admit to buying products supported by influencers, because they feel close to them, proof of authenticity.

Planning your various investments and plans based on this growing generation that is gaining more and more power in the market is a key element of success.