Podcast Mon Carnet : The hotel customer experience with Jean-François Rousseau

User experience in hotel rooms

The world of hospitality is constantly evolving. More than ever, the customer experience is at the heart of customer success and loyalty. In the latest episode of #moncarnet, Jean-François Rousseau, CEO of Konek.ai, shares his perspectives on this crucial topic. He also chats with UX expert and multi-entrepreneur Jean-François Poulin, offering a rich and enlightening discussion.

expérience utilisateur hôtel

The future of the hotel experience

It’s no longer enough to offer a comfortable bed and efficient room service. In this podcast, Jean-François Rousseau reveals how Konek.ai creates the ideal user experience in hotel rooms. How do emerging technologies, changing customer expectations and design innovations combine to redefine what it means to “stay in a hotel”?

Enlightening perspectives

Listen in now (1:19:28 ) for Mr. Rousseau’s insights on the hotel business. Drawing on his experience at Konek.ai, he offers a unique perspective on the convergence of technology and hospitality. If you want to understand how innovation is influencing the modern hotel industry, don’t miss this section.

The bright future of Konek.ai

With its commitment to constantly pushing back the frontiers of innovation, Konek.ai is determined to continue on this upward path. With an eye firmly set on the future, the company plans to roll out a series of exciting updates, designed not only to enrich the customer experience, but also to offer hoteliers ever more effective tools tailored to their needs.

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