At last, a verdict: a $94 million lawsuit reduced to a judgment of $553,000

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Finally, a verdict: a $94 million lawsuit turns into a $553,000 judgment.

Quebec City, May 29, 2023 –, a Quebec-based startup whose mission is to improve the lives and experiences of hoteliers and their guests by providing innovative technological solutions, has received a judgment against it, Coopérative de câblodistribution Hill Valley, and one of its administrators.

In this case, it was found that Groupe TVA and Québecor had refused and continue to refuse to collaborate with Coopérative de câblodistribution Hill Valley in granting broadcasting rights for TVA Sports. This refusal persisted even though a summary judgment and a decision by the CRTC confirmed that Hill Valley holds all the necessary authorizations from the CRTC to operate as a broadcasting distribution undertaking (BDU).

As a result, Hill Valley broadcasted the TVA Sports signal without an agreement with Groupe TVA, allowing hotel guests to watch TVA Sports. has acted in good faith since 2019, seeking to resolve this issue through appropriate legal and regulatory channels. The judgment recognized the integrity of and Hill Valley and rejected attempts to compare them to “pirates.” In fact, the judge clearly stated in the judgment that such a comparison was unjust: “I am of the view that such a comparison is not appropriate.”

The judge further adds in the judgment: ” In light of all the evidence, I find instead that the defendants developed services and products that are, in principle, legitimate. Indeed, the CRTC recognized their innovative nature.” and Hill Valley believe that this unfair disadvantage must cease, as it harms all Quebecers. The refusal of Groupe TVA and Québecor to establish an agreement will have negative consequences for Quebecers and French speakers across the country. Specifically, it affects the broadcast of hockey games in French, which will now only be available in English in thousands of hotel rooms. wishes to reaffirm its mission of improving the lives of Quebecers through technology The company believes in the importance of providing innovative and affordable solutions that reduce telecommunications costs while offering a unique experience.’s “Smart Hotel as a Service” (SHaaS) offering is a concrete example of its commitment to simplifying the lives of hoteliers and enhancing the experience of their guests through an interactive technological platform.

About Konek is an innovative Quebec start-up unveiling the first “Smart Hotel as a Service” (SHaaS) platform: a technological and interactive subscription-based offering specially designed to simplify the lives of hoteliers and enhance their customers’ experience. This next-generation platform offers a multitude of features in every room, such as high-definition TV content (IPTV) with personalized channels, hotel Chromecast, apps, games, music and content monetization. It also offers a powerful Wi-Fi connection, a captive portal, IP telephony and Konek smart TV.

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