Wi-Fi + smart TV + IP telephony

Our goal: to revolutionize the hotel and tourism industry by combining data and technology.


Konek.ai combines 4 essential services for your hotel

Wi-Fi in every room
We convert your TVs to smart devices designed for hotels
IP telephony built for security
Dedicated fibre optic Internet


A box placed in each room

...which allows new marketing possibilities

Identification of your clients according to several profiles through "big data" and artificial intelligence
Targeting and retargeting on other platforms (Google, Facebook, etc.)
Upselling, cross-selling, boosting your internal sales and building client loyalty
Possibility of advertising revenue
Business intelligence through integration with your PMS and/or CRM
Service directory of your hotel on TV (LEED standards)


Konek.ai also offers:

Cost savings through bundled services
A robust, affordable, recognized and scalable solution
The ability to use your coaxial network without having to rewire
A simple and personalized way to communicate with your clients
Unification of your communications systems
A secure encrypted system for your clients and hotel